Monday, January 3, 2011

Mac N Cheese is yummy

Today consisted of not a whole lot. This momma has had a headache all day, makes it difficult to function.
I managed Mac N Cheese for lunch which is always a favorite. Apparently, the baby thinks it's easier to stick her head in the bowl to eat it.

And then after all that hard work, she went right down for a nap.

Also noting today that, I think little miss has given up her boobie with the new year. She has nursed only briefly, twice since the new year and today didn't ask for it at all. Sad that my baby is growing up, but so happy that our BFing relationship lasted as long as it did...16 months.


  1. who knew mac n cheese could knock a kid out.

  2. LOL- Cole loves mac n cheese too!! Cute pics.