Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Blog for a New Year

So, I started a blog once before, and well, that didn't last long. I am gonna try this again...from the beginning. I'm not much of a creative writer, so not sure how interesting this blog will be, but I will however keep you updated on the happenings in my life and try to include lots of photos. If you are following me, and I haven't posted in awhile, get on me about it. :) I will do my best to post often.


  1. That's why you make it a photo blog. If you use pictures and writing you will keep up with it more. I know you take pictures, SO use them.

  2. Of course I will use pictures :) But I am sure there will be days of just writing too.

  3. YAY! I need to start posting more to my blog as well. I have a few that need to be posted.