Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playing catch up...

I've missed two days of posting...shame on me.

So, the other day I brought up the idea of going back to school. I would love to become a nurse...follow in my mom's footsteps. Do what she and I both love. Hubby however quickly made me feel like it wasn't a good idea. I don't think he meant it to sound the way it did in all honesty, but it did. He's worried about us making ends meet (while I attend school) which we are having a hard time with now. I told him, I didn't plan on quitting my part time job. Then he seems to be better with the idea. But anyway, I guess I was just hoping for a better reaction from him. More support and encouragement. I won't be able to do it, if he isn't behind me 100%. If I could make it through school, and get a good paying full time job, we'd be so much better off. By the time I would finish school, all the kids would be in school all day and I would be able to work full time. So, I guess I just need to look into it, and go from there. I've also toyed with the idea of just becoming a CNA for now, and then go to nursing school in a couple of years once the kids are in school all day. I don't know for sure what to do right now.

And yesterday I had my van for a WIC appointment(so nice to have transportation). I'm usually stuck without a vehicle right now since the old van failed emissions and we can't get tags for it until it passes. Ugh. Anyway, Jilli checked out fine at her appointment. She was 34.8lbs and 39 7/8" tall according to their measurements. She got her little arm hugged for a blood pressure those tiny blood pressure cuffs...

Abbi also got the most adorable little t-shirt from the Breast Feeding Peer Counselor at the WIC office.

When we finished there we headed to Shelbie's doctor appointment. She was home sick from school with sore throat, and achey. We stopped at McDonald's drive thru on the way for lunch. We saw a fire across the street and watched the firetrucks come and put it out while we munched on our lunch in the car as they were closing the road down in front of McDonald's.

We made it to our scheduled appointment for Shelbie. She weighed in at a whopping No fever, ears...good, nose...good, throat...a little red-no strep. Prescribed antibiotics, and out the door we went.

We then picked Shianne up from school and headed home. I forgot to mention that through all of this today I was fighting a horrible headache. When we got home I snuggled up in my recliner with Abbi and we slept for like 4 hours. Much needed, and head felt better.

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