Thursday, January 27, 2011

Report Cards are in

So the end of 3rd grade second quarter has come to a close and report cards are in.



I had parent teacher conference for Shianne per my request and her teacher's to discuss her reading problems and issues in school. She is involved with the RTI program at school. I also met with the two ladies that are directly involved with helping Shianne. We have come to the conclusion that Shianne is capable of the work. She continues to make progress. She is reading at the average 3rd grade level. It is her immaturity and personality that get in her way. Her problem is, she doesn't put forth her best effort and gets upset or angry when she messes up and then shuts down. Her self confidence needs a boost. She is more concerned with getting the work done and not concerned with doing it correctly. I was shown the graph of her progress in her reading intervention. She has been consistently above her target. They usually do not continue with the children in the program when they are doing so well, but because of her history and our concern they are keeping her in. The lady that works with Shianne said that Shianne is a big help to the other 2 girls in the same group. That helps boost her confidence. We have also discussed modifying her reading tests for a short time to help her out, also to boost her confidence. Here is the graph I was shown. She is tested weekly.

At any rate, I am proud of both my girls, and Shianne promises to work hard on doing better in school. I have an honor's Assembly next week to attend for Shelbie.


  1. :) Looks like things are going well for them. Congrats to Shelbie for making honor roll.

  2. Yep, your job is to keep building the confidence in her reading and in herself. It is wonderful that she is moving right along.