Friday, January 7, 2011

Pretty in Pink for her last day being THREE

Tomorrow morning at 9:05am my Jilli Buggins will be turning FOUR years old. And since mommy has to work tomorrow(12 hours), I prettied her up for a couple snaps today. Love my onry girl.

Today also consisted of running a few errands. my measly paycheck, Bank...cashed my measly paycheck that wasn't even worth a deposit slip, the baby a couple new sippy cups to try out and a gift for someone, our membership renewed! and stuck around for a workout, Shop N Save...WIC stuff and cake and ice cream for the birthday girl tomorrow, and CVS...refilled my "happy" pills, which I have been out of for 2 weeks.

Dinner tonight was White Chicken Chilli courtesy of my good friend Sarah. It was very yummy.

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  1. I totally forgot she was born at 9:05. So not only are her and Tyson's bday's only a couple days apart they were born 25 min apart. With a whole year in between. I can't believe she will be 4.